Video Details: Adapting the long bed S10 frame to the short bed 54 Chevy fullsize. The wheelbase is nearly identical for both of these vehicles. The benefit of this swap will be taking the relatively modern S10 amenities such as power steering, power brakes, suspension, disc brakes and ease of V8 installation yet retaining the style, shape and look of original 1954 body. The 1990 S10 frame has been stripped of all of the welded on bed and cab mounts, sandblasted, zinc primed and coated in chassis black. The biggest problem has been the fact that the curvature of frames do not line up as shown. The cab will be spaced 4 inches up off the donor frame to line up with the bed, this being critical when re-installing the step rails since they attach to both the cab and bed. Keeping an original look while gaining the benefits of the modern frame is the end goal of this project.

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